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Tru-Flo Inline Drip Tubing


   • In-line emitter installed in the tube

   • Turbulent flow drip emitter



  • Emitters are factory installed for accurate spacing.

  • Smooth profile for efficient lay-out.

  • Less emitter damage during field installation.

  • Labyrinth design creates velocity - flushes small particles.

  • Large water passages are highly clog-resistant.

  • Extremely accurate flow rate.

  • Cost-effective irrigation.



Pressure Compensating Inline Drip Tubing


• Unique flow regulating concept: wide effective labyrinth,
  leading into the flow control chamber, where a sensitive
  floating diaphragm regulates and maintains a constant
  flow rate at variable inlet pressure.

• High clog resistance:

      • Dripper's large intake filter is continuously flushed
       by the water flow.

      • Large cross section on labyrinth.

      • Self-cleaning mechanism at the flow regulated
       water outlet.

• Uniform flows from 7-50 PSI

      • Manufactured from durable plastics for long service life.
     • Protected against UV degradation.

      • Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used
       in agriculture.


Recommended Filtration: 150 mesh

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