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  Al Smith, a rocket scientist, who helped put a man on the moon with the Apollo program, founded Bowsmith in 1974.  He was an entrepreneur at heart, and yearned to start his own company. So, he invented a unique drip emitter-a “continuous self-cleaning” drip emitter with unmatched clogging resistance. Over the years there were continued refinements to that original concept, improvements in materials and construction, with the result that today Bowsmith “NonStop” drip emitters have earned a worldwide reputation as the best in performance, quality and reliability.


This same commitment to advanced technology and premium quality has consistently been applied to all other Bowsmith products over the years.
In 1977, the original Fan-Jet microsprinklers were introduced and became an instant winner with farmers. Tubing extrusion facilities were added in 1980. In the mid-1980s the TruFlo and NonStop Gripper online drip tubing were introduced, The next generation Fan-Jet head developed in 1986 carried on that tradition with the biggest wetting pattern of any spray-type sprinkler, plus the widest array of pattern shapes and flow ranges. In 1992 the quick-twist thread was added for easy field installation. Inline drip tubing technology was added in 1999; “PCI” & “TFI” Series drip tubing.


Product innovation continued with the development of BigFoot drip tape in 2004. In 2006 the revolutionary Fan-Jet Plus (anti-insect) microsprinkler
was introduced. Then in 2011 the Fan-Jet PC was developed to provide uniform flow across a wide pressure range; and high clog resistance with
self-flushing throughout the operation.


State-of-the-art production equipment, the very best materials, unwavering quality standards, outstanding service and purposeful people dedicated
to a sustained industry leadership have all combined to earn the Bowsmith reputation for product excellence and trustworthiness. And most importantly, the company is committed to conducting all of their business activities in the spirit of fairness and integrity.


The main office and principal production facilities are in Exeter, California. Additional production facilities are in Avon Park, Florida.
Dealers and representatives are located worldwide.

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