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Fan-Jet  Microsprinklers


The Bowsmith introduced Fan-Jet Microsprinklers in 1977. Since then, American growers have made
the Fan-Jet brand their number one choice of microsprinklers to irrigate their orchards and vineyards.

Fan-Jet Advantages:

   • Big Wetted Area

       - Large Root Zone

       - Potentially bigger Yields

   • Frost Protection

       - Raise ambient temperatures up to 2 degrees

   • Leaching Capabilities

       - Leach Salts away from the Root Zone

   • Best Value

       - Less plastic than dual line drip

       - Save up to $100 an acre

Fan-Jet Features:

   • Superior 2-piece design: nozzle and twin wedge

     post frame with splash plate are molded separately

   • Precision craftsmanship

       - Consistent patterns

       - Uniform flows

   • No moving parts

   • Quick thread for fast installation

   • High grade (automotive grade) copolymer plastics

   • Seven flow rates: color coded nozzles: 6-24 gph

   • Eighteen spray patterns

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